Web Application Penetration Testing

Use Penetration Testing as your first line of defense


DefCore penetration testers use ethical hacking methodologies to identify your vulnerabilities and minimize your risk, protecting your organization against the most current threats.


Discover the Primary Source of Your Vulnerabilities

Our Team of Pen Testers identifies the root cause of your vulnerabilities Without any Downtime. DefCore pen testing is system-friendly and won’t interfere with your business.


Take Action to Get Secure

Knowing the root cause of your vulnerabilities is the first step to addressing your application's issues. DefCore Pen Test Analysts give you the personal advice you need to remediate and maintain a secure application going forward.


Receive a Comprehensive Penetration Test

Your precise and detailed report contains graphs and tables that explain your vulnerable items, the potential for exploitation, and remediation steps. Save time and focus your efforts by using your DefCore Pentest report with step-by-step explanations.

Why do you need a pentest?​

Everybody wants to keep their businesses running and maintain a good reputation with their customers. Partnering with a  penetration testing firm that can work from the mindset of an attacker is the best way to truly improve the security of your systems.

Developers are very talented, but the question they ask while working is “How do I make it work,” not necessarily “How do I secure it?”

Only an autonomous, unaffiliated security team can really evaluate what can be broken, what harm can be done, and what can be done about it–without the unavoidable bias of a developer.

There are many reasons why a business might get a pen test. Perhaps they want to protect their customers or their reputation; both great reasons. Maybe they want to prevent downtime, damage, and humiliation in the face of a security incident. Maybe they’re releasing new software and want to make sure any changes made didn’t cause unanticipated problems. Or maybe they need to provide assurance to a 3rd party that they are secure–this can help limit liabilities if things go wrong.

Get In Touch With Us Before You Need Us

It takes years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.” – Stephane Nappo